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Sweeten Your Sugar Packaging with Nichrome

Various research reports have predicted that the sugar packaging market is expected to achieve a CAGR of 4% between 2022-2026. The market’s growth in the forecasted period is expected to be driven by the changing lifestyle of people, changing food preferences of customers, along with the increasing population in developing countries.

The sugar packaging market is expected to be driven by a considerable shift in preference for flexible packaging as sugar is packed in a range of formats both for bulk and retail. The emergence of new packaging technologies like active packaging, intelligent packaging, and developments in engineering science allows for the flexible packaging of sugar that enhances its shelf life.

The most common packaging type in the food packaging industry is that of sugar with a plastic bag, as this type offers moisture-proof, waterproof, and cost-effective packaging. Plastic bags can be coloured or transparent to make them more attractive, which is why sugar manufacturers prefer this type of packaging.


Nichrome is one of the market-leading sugar packaging machine manufacturers in India, with a wide range of automated machines for retail sugar packaging and bulk sugar packaging. Nichrome’s automatic sugar filling machines come with the best technology to provide speed, accuracy and hygiene for sugar packaging.

Nichrome’s offerings include path-breaking and versatile sugar packaging solutions that preserve the natural goodness of sugar thereby enhancing brand value.

Nichrome’s offerings for sugar packaging machines and their integrated packaging solutions allow manufacturers to package different quantities of sugar – up to 10 kg – in versatile pouch formats that provide hygiene, are leakproof and convenient for storage. These packaging formats – apart from protecting the contents – help the manufacturer’s brand to stand out on retail shelves while also competing in the international market.


Nichrome’s offerings in its VFFS range of automated packaging machines are:

Excel 400 Plus Intelligent Electronic Weigh Filler

Nichrome’s Excel Plus series of fillers comes with the added advantage of automation that is equipped with CE-marked PLC controllers and touchscreen HMIs. The key features of this series include print mark scanners and servo motor-driven bag length control systems, with an adjustable stroke of cross sealing jars for the most effective performance. It has been designed as per strict quality standards and can be effectively integrated with upstream or downstream machines/systems.

With a wide range of fillers, this sugar packing machine is a truly versatile packaging solution for powders, granules, grains, snacks etc. The pouch formats possible include CSPP, 4 side seal, Gusset, Pentaseal and Pentaseal with D cut.

Sprint 250 Plus Intelligent Electronic Weigh Filler

Nichrome’s Sprint 250 Plus range offers speed, accuracy and efficiency for the flexible packaging of a diverse variety of snacks, grains, powders etc for pouch quantities up to 2 Kgs.

The Sprint 250 Plus is an automated sugar packaging machine that comes with a CE-marked PLC and touchscreen HMI. Its sealing system is driven by a servo motor and can effectively package products with pressure levels maintained. The machines are programmed to pull the precise length of film required for packaging and come with a perforation system to deliver a chain of smaller pouches.

Pouch formats that this series can deliver include the CSPP and Gusset pouch.

E-line Snack Pack

The E-line is an exclusive sugar packaging solution from Nichrome designed for startups and small-medium enterprises. It offers customers the superior expertise and reliability of Nichrome in a compact, affordable format that is designed to fit limited space, budget and performance requirements.

This series can produce pouch formats like the CSPP and chains of CSPP packs.


Multilane Stickpack with Volumetric Multiple Cavity Filler

Nichrome’s Stickpack offers unmatched efficiency for producers supplying sugar and other free-flowing powders such as salt, pepper, mouth fresheners etc to food chains, travel and hospitality industries.

The Multilane Stickpack with Volumetric Multiple Cavity Filler from Nichrome is a stickpack pouch packaging machine that is equipped with a product hopper of approximately 25 litres capacity, and a mesh at the product inlet to prevent the entry of foreign particles. It is made easy to operate with a CE-certified PLC controller.

Pouch formats offered are the Centre Seal Stickpack and Centre Seal Stickpack with V notch.


Whether you are looking to market your sugar in single-serve packs for the travel and hospitality industry, in 500gm and 1000gm packs for the retail market or bulk packs for commercial buyers, Nichrome ought to be your preferred partner.

With over four decades of experience and expertise in food packaging, Nichrome is the ideal sugar packing machine manufacturer with the domain knowledge, R&D facilities and manufacturing capabilities to deliver the optimal solution for your needs. Nichrome’s automatic sugar filling machines and sugar sachet packing machines have been proven in tough industrial conditions, and assure efficient performance and long service life.

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