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Milking Value with Dairy Packaging Solutions from Nichrome

India is currently the world’s largest milk producer. This happened over a period of three decades, as India transitioned from a country with severe milk shortages to the world’s foremost milk producer. A recent report states that the dairy industry in India is expected to cross INR 30,840 billion by 2027.

India’s dairy consumption is also the highest in the world. India’s dairy industry is divided into organised and mainly unorganised sectors.

CRISIL projects that the organised dairy industry will see yearly growth of 5-6%. While this consumption is primarily of liquid milk, there is an increasing demand for and consumption of other dairy products like lassi, flavoured milk, ice cream, yoghurts, cheese, ghee etc.

These factors combined suggest a growing need for systems and infrastructure that elevate milk production, its processing and product quality. The increase in population, higher disposable income, higher per-capita consumption, larger vegetarian population and the demand for hygiene have made the industry transition to a more organised market and invest in dairy and milk packaging machines.

Nichrome’s relationship with India’s dairy industry goes back more than four decades. Nichrome designed India’s first milk packaging machine in the 1970s, responding to the Government’s rallying cry for cost-effective, indigenous packaging solutions. Nichrome’s first Filpack machine was commissioned at Kurla Dairy, Mumbai where the commercial supply of milk pouches was started in 1977.

In the present day, Nichrome is amongst the country’s top milk packaging machine manufacturers. Nichrome’s world-class range of milk and dairy packaging machines and systems enable milk and dairy producers to develop their business while keeping the product quality intact. Whether it be small dairy farmers, large dairies or multinationals, Nichrome partners with this industry starting from consultation to customized solution development and finally onto reliable service and support.

Nichrome VFFS Filpack Series

The Filpack Series from Nichrome consists of a number of automatic packaging machines for the filling and packing of milk and related dairy products. This range includes:

Filpack Servo 12K: This is India’s fastest milk pouch packaging machine with a capacity to pack at the rate of 12,000 pouches per hour.

Filpack Servo 6K: This is a high-speed, low wastage milk packaging machine with a capacity to pack at the rate of 6,000 pouches per hour.

Both the above automatic liquid packaging machines offer a range of pouch width options – 100 mm, 125 mm and 150 mm, with volumes of 200 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml.

These liquid pouch packing machines are composed of a complete stainless steel structure, with a digital heat control system that allows for maximum accuracy and insulated tanks that regulate product temperature. The HMI can be used to set the recipe and change the quantity, and machine automation can be remotely controlled.

Filpack CMD Alpha

This is an automatic milk packing machine that is shorter and occupies less floor space. Twin heads mean that two products can be packed at once, and maintenance can be conducted on one while the other is in operation. This automatic packaging machine is the favoured choice for packaging milk, flavoured milk, lassi, curd etc.

Filpack CMS 5L

A versatile machine that can pack both liquids and viscous products with speed and accuracy in larger 5500 ml pouches. This machine can pack liquids at a speed of 800 pouches/hour, while viscous products can be packed at 400 pouches/hour.

It consists of a pneumatic filling system that ensures better filling uniformity while the enclosed stainless steel cabinet and SS 304 parts ensure hygienic and low-maintenance operations.

Filpack Universal

This is a leading-edge solution from Nichrome in dairy products packaging machines. It has multiple applications in free-flowing liquids (milk, buttermilk, water, juices etc) and viscous products (cream, ghee, mayonnaise, ketchup, etc.). The output speed can go up to 5000 packs per hour.

This machine is also available in a Double Head Combo.

Nichrome’s HFFS Machines for Dairy Packaging

T-series: This range of horizontal-form-fill-seal HFFS machines incorporates the latest linear technology from Europe and has the capacity of filling and packing a diverse range of products – granular, liquid, viscous or powder. The T series is ideal for packaging milk, lassi, buttermilk, flavoured milk, cream, curd etc for dairy producers who would like to go with a horizontal packaging machine for their packaging operations.

Nichrome’s Mini Dairy Plant

Nichrome’s special, entry-level mini dairy plant was developed for small dairy farmers to help them achieve the goal of independent retail operations. This milk processing plant is small, doesn’t have a boiler, and filters, pasteurises, homogenises and packs milk in 200 ml, 500 ml or 1000 ml pouches. This definitive milk plant is designed to be compact, energy-efficient, and easy to operate for small dairy farmers.


Nichrome’s renowned expertise in dairy products packaging technology is well proven – in India as well as other countries. Nichrome’s offerings include multiple packaging solutions for dairy products such as milk, lassi, buttermilk, curd, cream, ghee and even dairy whitener and milk powder. If you’re looking to package dairy powders, you should consider Nichrome’s Maxima 400, Excel 400 Plus Servo Auger, Sprint 250 Plus Servo Auger and Multilane Stickpack.

Nichrome has also carried out the addition of bottle and tin filling lines that can be adapted for dairy applications.

Nichrome epitomises quality, technology and cost-efficiency across all its products and systems. Customers get the assurance of advanced technology, high-quality components and manufacturing, stringent testing, and comprehensive installation, training and service support.

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