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Potent Powder Packaging with Nichrome

Most powders, particularly fine ones are some of the trickiest materials to package safely, hygienically and effectively. Every powder brings with it its own unique challenges – whether it be spices, milk or protein powder, drink powders, pharmaceutical or nutritional powders – such as flowability, dust control, contamination, weighing and de-aeration among many more.

Therefore, powder packaging machines are a crucial element in the packaging of powders, particularly because primary packaging is the last step in the manufacturing process. The product produced is filled into the packaging that ensures its protection and hygienic handling till it arrives at the consumer’s doorstep. If there are problems in the packaging phase, then the entire process will suffer in quality and throughput.

Some of the common issues faced by powder filling machines:

Powder Flow Properties: Produce flowability is of critical importance. Powder fillers are designed to be sensitive to powders that are cohesive. This is particularly important in the case of small packaging formats and in cup dosing systems relying on gravity to fill and empty cups.

The hopper above the filling head should have good flow otherwise the powder will arrive at the filling head in an irregular manner and cause a deviation from the actual weight packed.

Weight Control: The filling process is usually carried out on a volumetric basis. This tends to cause variability in the actual weight packed. There must be a very good control of the volume of the product being moved by the dosing system to fill a consistent, constant weight of the product that consumers are paying for.

Pack Leakage: The pack must be sealed without powder sticking between the 2 sides of the packaging. This generally happens when the product generates dust when falling into the pack, and doesn’t settle before the sealing jaws are shut.

Hygiene: This factor consists of containment, prevention of contamination and cleaning. The product quality is of significant importance. Hence, powders require packaging machines that prevent contamination – while containing dust and spillage – as well as ease of cleaning.


Nichrome is a renowned automatic filling machine manufacturer and is an accomplished provider of integrated packaging solutions, having over four decades of industry experience. Nichrome considers powder packaging one of its areas of strength. The technology developed by Nichrome for its flagship product and fastest powder packaging machine – the Maxima 400 – is considered to be the best among packaging solutions providers.

One of Nichrome’s strong suits is its in-depth knowledge of the various applications of packaging technology. Nichrome examines the specific applications and customises solutions for the best performance and high reliability – for spice packaging machines, coffee packaging machines, tea packaging machines, pharmaceutical packaging machines or other powder filling machines.


Nichrome possesses a diverse range of VFFS and HFFS powder filling and sealing machines:

Maxima 400: The Maxima 400 comes with a compact design and packs 400 pouches/min in both single or perforated chains of pouches. The Maxima 400 is easy to control, with a PLC-based control system and optional interface that comes with PC & data processors. These factors explain why it is favoured by manufacturers of food powders like blended spices, ground spices, premix powders, dairy whiteners, soup mixes etc.

This dry powder filling machine is also offered in a smaller version – the Maxima 200 which packs 200 pouches/min.

Excel 400 Plus Servo Auger: This is a versatile machine from Nichrome that offers a CE-marked PLC controller and a touchscreen HMI. It additionally features print mark scanners, static charge eliminators, servo-motor driven bag length control system and adjustable stroke of cross sealing jaws for exemplary performance. This is a spice packaging machine that can pack in many pouch formats with an optimal bagger speed of 80 pouches per minute.

Sprint 250 Plus Servo Auger: Nichrome’s Sprint 250 Plus series packs pouch quantities of up to 2 Kgs at a rate of up to 120 pouches per minute with accuracy and efficiency. This machine can also be used as an automated coffee packaging machine and comes with CE-marked PLC and touchscreen HMI. It consists of a servo motor-driven sealing system that can precisely seal while maintaining pressure levels. This machine is programmed to pull the right length of film that is required for packaging and offers a system for perforation that can be used to deliver a chain of small pouches.

T-series: The T-series consists of Nichrome’s range of HFFS packaging machines and comes with exclusive linear technology from Spain. The T110, T140 and T170 machines can pack in a variety of pouch formats with attractive pouch aesthetics. They can be used to package ORS, pharmaceutical powders, milk powders, coffee, health drinks, instant mixes, premixes and other powders. Models featuring a duplex setup are available for higher outputs.

Multilane Stickpack with Multi-head Servo Auger: The travel and hospitality industry is going with single-serve pouches of products like sugar, milk powder, coffee powder, and tea/coffee mixes – for convenience and to prevent wastage. This is a multilane powder packaging machine that packs free-flowing powders in single-serve packs.


When we consider powder filling and sealing machines, it’s important to find a solution provider who can comprehend the specific requirements and challenges of your packaging application and can custom-make the solution to match. Nichrome offers a complete range of automatic powder packaging machines in both VFFS and HFFS formats.

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