Milk Pouch Packaging Machines

The Fastest Milk Pouch Packaging Machines by Nichrome

The global impact of Covid-19 has been malicious and mind-boggling. It increased the awareness amongst the consumer regarding hygiene in every aspect. The change in consumer behaviour increased the demand for sealed food packaging which gave rise to many heavy duty machines, some of which includes the vertical form fill seal machines, milk pouch packing machines, milk filling machines and many more.

The expected growth in the food packaging industry by The global food packaging market is projected to grow from $338.34 billion to $478.18 billion at a CAGR of 5.1% between the forecast period of 2021-2028.

With the similar concern, milk, which is the most consumed dairy product, is expected to see growth in the global milk production by 177 million metric tons by 2025. However, The increase in eco-friendly packaging and introduction of flavored milk has inclined the overall milk industry growth including the milk packaging.


Nichrome’s vertical form fill seal Filpack Servo 12K is considered to be one of the best VFFS packaging machines used to produce complex liquid packaging. VFFS Filpack Servo 12K which majorly also works as a milk filling machine along with commercial food packaging machines.

In order to acquire this heavy duty yet easy to maintain machine you must have a stabilized electric setup of – 415 V-AC along with three phase and 50 Hz and four wire. 


With increase in the awareness among the consumer regarding hygiene packing and sustainability, it is significant to equip yourself with a quality-driven milk filling machine.

By acquiring yourself with Nichrome’s VFFS Filpack Servo 12K you will gain yourself with packaging advantages keeping you ahead in the competition.

  1. SPEED & ACCURACY: The VFFS Filpack Servo 12K is the fattest milk filling machine which produces 12000 packs per hour with ease and accuracy. The milk pouch packaging machine is precise in packaging CSPP pouches of 200 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml without any hassle.
  2. HYGIENIC PACKAGING PERKS: The VFFS packaging machine is built with high quality stainless steel installed with a UV film sterilization system for the packaging material. This helps you equip a quality driven milk filling machine which is capable of hygienic production.
  3. MULTI-TASKING & MAINTENANCE: The VFFS Filpack Servo 12K is designed with independent balance tanks which offer you the flexibility to perform single product packaging as well as different products simultaneously. One more reason why it is considered as an intense high speed milk pouch packaging machine.
  4. MACHINE APPLICATIONS: The VFFS Filpack Servo 12k not only offers you as a milk filling machine but is also a desired packaging machine for flavored milk, lassi, juice and mineral water. Thus, it can be applied as a VFFS packaging machine for both thin and thick liquid packaging.

Nichrome Manufactures the most convenient single-source high-end performing packaging machines that help you bring out the best packing for your desired industry packaging. We share a history of 50 years of service in Africa catering more than 500 plus clients throughout Africa. With such a long running history we have a strong domain knowledge which allows us to provide the best milk packaging machine in Kenya

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