Grow Your Grain Packaging with Nichrome

Cereals are the fruits of domestically cultivated grasses. The major cereal crops are wheat, barley, oats, rye, rice, maize, sorghum and millets. Cereals have been the staple crops from pre-historic times and their effective production, storage and use have been significant contributors to the blossoming of modern civilization. Cereal grains and related products have become an important part of the diet in many countries. Every year, new cereal-based products are developed and sold to considerably well-informed consumers.

Over two billion tonnes of grains are produced annually across the world. These grains are stored in different parts of the grain distribution chain from the producer to the consumer. They are packed in properly defined Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) such as bags, silos, warehouses, containers and even in stacks on the ground.

Crops are harvested at the culmination of the growing season, and the harvested grain needs to be stored with negligible loss of quality until it is required for human or animal consumption during the rest of the year.

Reasons for storing grains are:

Processing is done at a different location from the production

Seasonal production but year-round consumption

Storage in reserve for emergencies like famines

Storage as seeds for the next planting season

Grain Packaging Solutions from Nichrome

Nichrome’s offerings include a diverse range of automated packaging machines, filling systems and integrated packaging solutions for your requirements in grains and seed packaging. Nichrome’s food packaging machines from its Excel Plus series are equipped with the latest technology and offer cutting-edge packaging solutions that adhere to strict packaging quality standards for a large variety of products.

Excel 400 Plus Intelligent Electronic Weigh Filler

This is a VFFS packaging machine for grains, pulses, sugar, seeds, spices and tea.  The Excel 400 can pack pouches of up to 10 kgs at a rate of 80 packs per minute. The pouch formats it can produce are the Pentaseal, Pentaseal with D cut, Gusset Pouch, CSPP and 4 Line Seal pouch.

Some of its salient features are:

  • Print mark scanners
  • Servo motor-driven bag length control system
  • Adjustable stroke of cross-sealing jaws for optimal quality
  • Designed as per strict quality standards
  • Easy integration into upstream and downstream systems

A wide range of compatible fillers makes the Excel 400 Plus series a multipurpose packaging solution for powders, granules, grains et al.

Sprint 250 Plus Intelligent Electronic Weigh Filler:

The Nichrome Sprint 250 Plus series brings with it speed, accuracy and efficiency for the flexible packaging of a plethora of grains, powders, and snacks among others.

This is an automated packaging machine that operates with a CE-marked PLC and touchscreen HMI. It has a Servo motor-driven sealing system that effectively seals the pack while maintaining pressure levels. It is configured to pull the precise length of the film material needed for packaging and has a perforation system for the delivery of chains of small pouches.

The Sprint 250 Plus machine can pack up to 2 Kg pouches at a rate of 120 packs per minute in pouch formats including CSPP and Gusset pouch.


Packaging is a crucial element for the storage, processing, protection and presentation of grains and cereals. These food items are the staples of the diets of the majority of people and hence, their packaging must be highly functional and low-cost in order to maximize profits and minimize prices.

As an accomplished packaging machine manufacturer, Nichrome has an enterprising tradition of working with customers to understand the difficulties and demands of the product they want to package. Nichrome’s wide-ranging portfolio of Automatic Packing Machines includes milk packaging machines, rice packaging machines, fully automatic powder packing machines, liquid filling machines, pouch sealing machines, bottle filling machines, sugar packaging machine, spice packaging machines and vacuum packaging machines among many other offerings. Its global presence has been built on the basis of its pathbreaking in-house R&D and manufacturing capabilities. If you’re looking for a packaging machine in Africa, connect with Nichrome!

For further information about Nichrome’s grains and seeds packaging solutions and other cutting-edge automatic packaging machines, visit africa.nichrome.com.