VFFS Series Sprint 250 Plus Servo Auger


Sprint 250 Plus Servo Auger

For pouch quantities up to 2 Kgs, Nichrome’s SPRINT 250 PLUS series offers speed, accuracy and efficiency for flexible packaging of a wide variety of snacks, grains, powders, etc.

SPRINT 250 PLUS is an automated machine with CE marked PLC and touch screen HMI. Its servo motor driven sealing system can effectively seal with pressure levels maintained. It is programmed to pull the exact length of film required for packaging, and offers a perforation system to deliver a chain of small pouches.


Coffee Powder, Premixes, Instant Mixes, Agro Chemicals, Pesticides

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Atta Packaging and Filling Machine


Milk Powder Packaging Machines in Kenya South Africa

Milk Powder

Nutraceuticals Packaging and Filling Machine



Agro Chemicals Packaging Machine


Pesticides Packaging Machine

Gusset Pouch

Technical Specifications

Bagger Speed (upto)

120 packs / min.

Quantity (depends on product bulk density)

Up to 2 kg (25cc to 4000cc)

Pack Size Range

Min. Pouch Size (WxL)- 50 mm x 75 mm

Max. Pouch Size (WxL)- 250 mm x 375 mm

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