High Speed Double Head Wing Machine


High Speed Double Head Wing Servo Auger Filler Machine

THE DOUBLE HEAD WING SERVO AUGER FILLER MACHINE is a high-speed, reliable packaging solution for spice powders (chilli, turmeric, coriander, sambar, etc.), nutraceutical powders (premix, health drinks, energy drinks, etc.) and beverages (coffee, dairy whitener, etc.).

With its double head system, it delivers output of 200 packs per minute, and there is flexibility to pack different pack sizes and products simultaneously. Other important features include servo controlled auger filler for precision & accuracy, hygienic construction compliant with HACCP & GMP standards and perforation system to produce chain of pouches.


Spices:Coriander Powder, Seasoning Powder, Chole Masala, Pepper Powder, Cinnamon Powder, Chat Masala,Dry Ginger Powder, Turmeric Powder, Cardamom Powder,Sambar Masala, Dry Onion Powder

Nutraceutical Powders:Health Drink Powder, Energy Drink Powder

Beverages: Drinking Chocolate

Chili Powder Packaging Machine

Chili Powder

Premix Powder Packaging Machine

Premix Powder

Coffee Powder Packaging Machine

Coffee Powder

Dairy Whitener Packaging Machine

Dairy Whitener


Gusset Pouch




Technical Specifications

Rated system Output (max. upto)

200 packs per min | 100 packs per min

(Depends on product flow properties & pack size)


10 g - 200 g

Pouch Formats

Center Seal Pillow Pouch

Packaging Material

Heat Sealable Laminate Films of Different Structures

Min. Pouch Size

50 mm W x 70 mm L

Max. Pouch Size

140 mm W x 210 mm L

Maximum Roll Diameter

350 mm

Supply Voltage

Stabilized 415 V-AC, 3 Phase, 50 Hz

Connected Electrical Load

8 KW | 4KW

Air Consumption

60 cubic meter/hr @ 6 bar | 30 cubic meter/hr @ 6 bar

Overall Dimention

2172 mm W x 1642 mm D x 2396 mm H

1000 mm W x 1642 mm D x 2396 mm H

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